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Who we are

TikTokFamed is still quite a new business however, don’t let that put you off as we have already had thousands of happy customers since day one. We was created by 3 very intelligent people who believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to become famous on TikTok (well not YET at least)

The 3 people behind this website have years and years of experience when it comes to working with social media, they really do know what they are talking about. TikTokFamed was created as we we’re fed up of seeing all of these big companies selling followers for a ridiculous price, we wanted to prove that this can be done for cheap or even better, free!

Our experience

If you are wondering the total number of likes and followers we have available, feel free to check the graphs below. If everything is blue then we are operating as normal and you are ready to go and claim your free followers!

Followers: 300,000+ Available
Likes 1,200,000 + Available
Proxies: 1,500,000 + Available
Followers Sent
Happy Clients
Pictures Liked

What we do

Here at TikTokFamed we offer a service unlike any other, we are giving away tons of TikTok followers and likes completely free of charge. Anyone can claim these followers no matter where they are from. We offer complete customer satisfaction so we can guarantee you will be walking away happy!

We offer much more

People think we are only renowned for giving away free followers and likes, however, we offer much more than that. We work very hard on maintaining and posting fresh unseen content on our blog each and every single week. If getting followers the natural way sounds appealing then you should check out the following post “how to get famous on TikTok”

What are you waiting for?

What are you wasting your time for? By now you could have already been a TikTok sensation by sending thousands of followers and likes straight to your account. You have nothing to worry about whatsoever, we are the safest service about. Head over to this page now to claim your followers and hopefully you could become featured on the for you page